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Just getting started on Metaverse? Struggling to find the right know-how to manage and grow your Discord, Telegram or Twitter community? Looking to launch a Blockchain / Crypto Project?

Whether you’re a new business or a more established brand, you know this area of your business can be one of the most difficult to streamline.

Put the Elephant in the room and leave a major footprint on your digital ecossystem.

Our team has been helping brands, blockchain, IT, software companies and, more recently, Meta-Companies to increase their reach, enhance their impact and revenue for years, and we can also be here for you too.



The Universe is now boundaryless and so can your brand. A new age for engagement and storytelling has begun and we’re here to guide you through it. 

Take your brand experience to a whole new level with the unlimited power of immersive interaction.

Blockchain & Mint-Marketing Strategy

Every industry is being revolutionised by blockchain technology, from finance to real-estate or voting booths.

Yet, the opportunities it present us is far from being explored to its full capability and communicating it to vast audiences is still a challenge. Let us crack this puzzle side-by-side. 

Token & NFT Launch Strategy

Tokens and NFT’s are far from being a trend. They are here to lay the ground for communication, whether from an artistic point-of-view or to simply bootstrap your project, when in context, their strategic and technological value is unquestionable. 

Discord Community Management & Growth

It’s new, it’s different and it’s right on target. If you want to be where the industry moves, create an audience around your project or brand, Discord is – simply put – the place you need to be. 

It’s different from any other social network but, lucky for you, we’re actually pretty good at it!

Telegram Community Management & Growth

Yes, you read it right: Telegram! The New Era ahead of us has its own way of communication and Telegram has a major role on it. Create your community and leverage your brand through the power of real-time chat. 

Twitter Community Management & Growth

It simply needs no introduction. If you really want to be in this business and want to reach a vast audience, Twitter is the Social Network you need. 

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